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Inspection & Set-up

When you try out an instrument in a store, is it in tune? How does it play? Before any instrument is offered for sale, it gets completely checked over by me. Sometimes, I see something that is not right. It may be something that will be corrected when I do the set-up. But, there are occasional instruments that are not so easy to fix. It might be a hump or dip in the neck or a bad neck set, resulting in action being much too high. I’ve received instruments that do not meet the described specifications, such as being made of laminated wood when the specs. say solid wood. Sometimes the materials are inferior or the finish is not what it should be. New instruments with any of these problems are sent back to the manufacturer or distributor. I suspect these are sold to another store; probably a big box store or catalogue /Internet seller. If a used instrument I receive has problems they get fixed or, if the cost is not justified, I sell them “as is”, for a very low price.

Maintaining Instruments in the Store

At the String Shoppe almost all the instruments are kept in their cases, where they belong when not being played. Instruments left on display tend to get scratched, fingerprinted and dirty. After someone plays an instrument, I wipe it all over, including the strings. Then back in the case it goes.

Ever try an instrument with dead or low-grade strings? At The String Shoppe, all instruments are kept strung with fresh, high quality strings. Used instruments always get new strings. That way you get to hear the true sound of the instruments. No need to guess how the instrument will sound with good strings.

In the winter heating causes the humidity level to drop dramatically, sometimes down to less than 20%. When humidity goes down below 40% wood instruments dry out, shrink and even crack. The sound suffers, too. At The String Shoppe, I keep a humidifier on during the heating season to maintain a sufficient humidity level.

Knowledge and Experience

I have been in business since 1966. I know the different designs, construction methods and materials used by various manufacturers. I also know the differences between the various makes and models. While you are trying an instrument, I will tell you about its important features and characteristics.

Personal Attention

When you come in, I will ask questions about the types of music you play or want to play. Then, I watch and listen when you play. This enables me to suggest instruments that are most likely to suit your playing style and the types of music you play. My knowledge and experience will benefit you by making the selection process more meaningful and you getting an instrument that is right for you.


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