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Larrivée L-10MR

Adirondack top, Madagascar Rosewood back and sides


This guitar is a special order. The top is Adirondack spruce, Grade AAAA! I’ve seen a lot of Adirondack tops. Without a doubt this is the finest I have ever seen. The grain is extremely uniform and narrow. No dark streaks or wide variations in grain width. It is as perfect as you may every see.

The back and sides are rare Madagascar rosewood. The back is quite striking due to the dark colors intertwined with the lighter colors. The grain in the sides is quite narrow and uniform.

The neck is a single piece of genuine mahogany. The bridge and fingerboard are jet black ebony. The inlays are abalone.

The machines are Schaller, made in Germany. It is rare to find Schaller machines on guitars because they are quite expensive. But, they are superior machines.

Body Specs.: Lower bout: 16”. Body depth: 4 ¾”. Nut: 1 ¾”. Scale: 25 ½”.

The L body is unique to Larrivée. It gives a very full sound and well balanced, with very even response from the high trebles to the low bass notes. This particular guitar has incredible volume, clarity, warmth and sustain.

The heavy duty case has an arched lid and a thick blue plush lining.

Because of the recent Federal wood seizures at Gibson, Inc. and the uncertainty of what can be legally imported Larrivée has stopped building guitars with Madagascar rosewood. As a dealer-seller, I have to be careful not to run afoul of the Federal authorities. So, I will not ship this guitar outside of the continental US.

My price for this phenomenal guitar and case is $4695.00.





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