Martin 018T Tenor Guitar (1930)


This is a rare and historically significant Martin guitar. The guitar was made in 1930, the first year this model appeared in the Martin catalog. Also, it was one of the first models to have the neck join the body at the fourteenth fret and have the long scale, 25.4”. A total of 358 were made in 1930.

The tuning machines are the original Grover planetary. They are in good working order. The pickguard is the original. (As you can see in the photos of the top, there were two large pickguards added at some point; these have been removed.) The frets are the original bar type. The belly bridge is a replica. (The original was a belly bridge, another change that began in 1930.) The finish is original except for a little touch up around the replica top purflings and bindings. Serial No. 44022.

The guitar has a few well repaired cracks, on the back and side. There are no cracks in the top.

This is a “rescue guitar”. It was found in a dumpster in St. Croix in 2009! When found the top and back were nearly off and the top purflings and binding were gone.

The restoration was done by MacBlane String Instruments (Bob MacBlane) located in Preble, New York.

The guitar has a wonderful sweet, warm sound. It is extremely responsive. The volume is amazing.

Comes with a new plush lined softshell case, slightly oversized. The case is not shown in the photos.




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